You Can Make Money Work for You, You Know?

Hero or Zero?

If we want to be free from bad debt and financial worries we need to change our mindset and develop our prosperity IQ. We need to understand MONEY!

Survey shows that the average age of our Filipino Migrant Worker in Europe is 42 and has been working as a Service Staff

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for about 22 years and sadly has no foreseeable means of substantially supporting oneself beyond her working years. “Bahala na ang Diyos sa akin” they would quip. Why is this?

It seems that it was never in our culture to take care of ourselves first. We would look and do everything for our family, relatives and even to our neighbours. That is why we are called “Mga Bagong Bayani!” Ironically because of such undeserved sacrifices. If they only know that it is easier to be called a Hero than to make oneself a Hero!

Understanding How Money Works

Another reason could be our lack of understanding about money. We have always thought that what we earned is all ours to spend, unmindful that for us to grow financially, part of our income must be invested. As the saying goes: Money begets money and It is not how much money we make nor how much money we saved but where we invest it that matters.

Look at the billions of dollars being remitted every year to our country a very small percentage, if any is ever being invested. Until we learn to value and respect money we will never be able to capitalize on it. Talking about investment, little do we know that business is not investment and investment is not business, they are two very different things.

In business, you will need your time, your money and your management skill to make it. While in investment, all you need is the right type and your money will generate money, no need for you to be around, It’s passive!

As the saying goes, there are only two ways to make money: Man at Work and Money at Work.

There is a Good News

The good news is that we can already enslave and make money work for us, passively while at the same time actively working for money while we can. Two ways to make money, not just one.

Being unmindful of the realities of life could be another reason. Relying solely on ourselves or on Man to make money is fine IF there is no such thing as sickness, disability, death or even unemployment. What if you can’t work anymore, will your need for money stop also? Have you ever thought that any of these could happen tomorrow?

All you need to know is “Money at Work” or what we call investment is the HELPER, and it could bring you to a new dimension in creating passive income!

In our next blog post: Understanding the concept of Income Generating Property Assets (IGPA) and how it could create real and honest to goodness passive income for you.