How other countries market to doom the Filipino to slavery

The intelligent man is always open to new ideas. In fact, he looks for them.

- Proverbs 18:15

Your choice: you can wait for your break or you can make your own!

Knowing how to create money is true knowledge of the dynamics of marketing. Everything else is plain and simple business. You can take business out of marketing but you cannot take marketing out of business because it is the very source of energy that propels the world of money and trade. Marketing could be likened to a tree and business could be the branch or even the twig. Cut or remove the twig, you still have your tree intact, but cut the tree from its roots and you have everything, including the branches and twigs dead with it.

What’s important is for us to understand how marketing affects the very core of our existence. We can’t just brush things aside and be oblivious to the financial goings on in the world. We are in the information world and globalization is the key of the future. Whatever happens to the other side of the world will affect us one way or another. Let me tell you why.

Remember how it was with the Philippines once upon a time? We weren’t a third world country back in the late 40s and late 50s. Very rarely will Filipinos think of going out of the country. One US dollar is two pesos! We can travel anywhere without having to secure a visa. Our doctors, nurses, teachers and engineers were among the best and were so sought after, mainly by the US.

So, what happened to our economy?

For starters we lost our initiative and drive to stay. Our government encouraged us to go out and find our gold outside our country, and eventually, we became slaves of employers and thus instilled in us and the generations to come the “employee syndrome”. The lure of getting high paying jobs outside the country killed the entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipinos.

Slowly but surely our faith and belief in ourselves got weaker and weaker and the powerful marketing propaganda of the US and other countries lured our best and brightest to try it in their land, promising their very own place in the “land of milk and honey”. This started the very devastating “brain drain”… followed by “labor drain” then eventually …”family drain”. Yes, my dear kababayans, many of us, if not all of us, got taken by their alluring marketing of any countries, as long as it is outside the Philippine domain.

Now, it is our very own brown American/European brothers who are doing the marketing, “punta na dito, mas maganda dito” and surely in troves they go, even illegally. Many years later, some wondered if they could have done more with their careers if they had stayed on, some lost the vision to be more than what they are now. Let us not wait 20 more years to just look back and say “sayang” or “sana”… We can now ease our time to give way to being entrepreneurial and slowly invest in our

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country and ourselves once again.

Though migrating now is getting tougher, and some countries are experiencing economic downturns, as we speak, thousands upon thousands of our kababayans will give up everything, including the future of their family unity to go abroad. Our going abroad is so ingrained in our culture that even a grade school kid, when asked, will tell you where he wants to go. Someone commented that if Cebu is another country, many of those in Luzon and Mindanao would try to migrate and live there.

No need to look any further. Here in Italy,we have 3rd generation OFWs now taking over the work of their family, with no more dreams to finish school and be better. Do you see the power of “abroad” marketing has done? A few of us who started it some 30+ years ago have continuously manage to position the illusion of the good life that comes with earning Euros. And look at the quality of life we have…

Broken families, delinquent children, dependent relatives and a lonely single existence of old maids whose lives have been dedicated to support their siblings…

We all have been luring and entrapping our fellowmen making them believe that we can have a quality life with meager paying jobs.

Now look at the quality of life of those who stayed on, no not your relatives nor your friends.

Of course, I am talking about those of us who saw big marketing opportunities in the Philippines, those who are the movers: Henry Sy, Lucio Tan and the like. They believed in our country, they who are just “dapo” but hang in there. You know, one day many of us will come back, and you will be surprised to see a very different Philippines, beautiful, progressive and very expensive but good to those who had faith in their country and took the initiative to invest, to those who didn’t…

Sorry na lang…

What is really my point? Well, it is about selling or being sold to your own country, being patriotic. Buy Filipino, believe in the Filipino, patronize your own. Help market your country by aspiring to be financially progressive yourself and be done with being a small mind and you can start by understanding the game of marketing.