Feed a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach the man how to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.

Now, lets talk about the second “K” in our KKK principle.

What would

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you say if you were to stumble on a wellness product that is so revolutionary that it will change you upside down? Would you go out and tell everyone or would you keep it a secret? Here lies the power and opportunity to our second stream of income! You only need to share it, not sell it, why so? The power to influence people to your way of thinking lies on the truth on how the product affected you.

Now, what would you say if your “sharing of the truth” exponentially catches fire and you were to be rewarded by the manufacturer of the product for every person who are now enjoying the same benefits? Let us say that the reward will pay you in excess of P500,000. a month for an indefinite period? I am sure that this is something that you would like to know about immediately, right? Let me give try and show you how this exponential growth works. Think of it this way. If for example, the owner of a very famous food chain gave you a deal and tells you that for every person that you referred who buys their food, including all their referrals all the way down to the 12th generation, are to be paid a fixed royalty amount, can you just imagine how much those royalty amount would add up to in time? That is similar to how musicians or inventors are paid perpetual royalty for their creation that they only did one time.

Very few people will ever know about this type of business we call “leveraging” all because they just don’t know where and how to look for it. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki co-wrote a book for those who are seeking to be millionaires to consider the wealth that could be found in Network Marketing. Now, I know what you would say, “If it’s Multi level Marketing, forget it! I have been burned so may times, I won’t do it again!” And this is where you are going to permanently lose, when you don’t stand up to seek and find again!

A famous quotation says that the only difference between a loser and a winner, is that the winner is able to stand up after a failure, and try again.

Consider this for a moment. Here is a 20-year old debt-free Manufacturing company out of Kansas, Missouri who has been producing wellness products that are in global demand, earning a $50 billion operation with distribution reaching out to some 87 countries worlwide and has now launched under their new network marketing subsidiary a revolutionary health supplement that in three years, we believe will be the number one health power drink of the world! It is like this, you

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have the opportunity of a life time to be the very first in this country to join and be right on top. If you understand network marketing, you know that being the first has its amazing benefits especially when the marketing plan is not binary but forced matrix!

Here is how you become one of the very first in this country and obviously, on top of many thousands, even millions who will be under you. 1. Order any one $69.95 health product and; 2. schedule an orientation with the person who invited you; and 3. Begin your journey toward success, and bringing wealth to others!

Someone said: “The opportunity of a lifetime must be taken during the lifetime of the opportunity.”

Are you willing to take that opportunity and work towards your second K, or will you just sit by and let that opportunity pass by due to fear?