Information for Camaya Project

Greetings to All!

Camaya Coast ranks as our second most sought after investment. When you look at the pictures, it is very easy to see why, as many Pinoys and foreigners have dreamed of owning their very own beach property.

We truly believe this is the best beach investment in the Philippines.

When it comes to over-all beauty, price, accessibility, amenities, quality, security and marketing power to the masses-Camaya Coast ranks number 1 in our minds. It is not easy to find a private, white sand beach connected to a beautiful mountain. And to find it this affordable is such a joy for us to not only be a part of, but also share to all our clients. This property will definitely be enjoyed whether it is to visit, live in or earn from.

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Three Options to Choose From

When it

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comes to buying a property in Camaya Coast, you have three main options:

1. Lot

2. Condo (beach villa condo OR cliffside Condo)

3. Beach Villas

All three are great choices, and it is often the idea of many of our clients to buy all three types, because they are all so beautiful. But throughout this email, you will be able to create the right mind when it comes to investing here in Camaya Coast. I will be sure to input our ideas and advice, here and there, but at the end of it all, it will be your decision on what you want and what you can afford.

You Can Own Camaya Coast Properties in 3 Simple Steps

1. Pick a unit type


Sizes: 180sqm-2000sqm

Elevation: 70-360mts above sea level

Price range: P1.4M-P16M

Earnings: income can be generated only by selling at a profit or building and renting

Lots are generally bought by clients who want the following:

  • Plans to eventually live for periods of time in Camaya Coast, and will build their house.
  • Plans to use it simply for Vacation and not to earn from it on a monthly basis.
  • Plans to sell it, since LOTS get the largest instant discounts(up to 38% instant discount)

We have purchased LOTS for all these reasons, as we can see ourselves living there at periods a time (maybe a few weeks to a month), building our beach vacation home, and also selling our extra lots when the prices sky rocket. Most of our clients who have purchased a Lot got it also for budget reasons and/or as an addition to their other WVYoung investments.


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Sizes: Studio, 1bedroom, 2bedroom and 3bedroom (70.50sqm – 136sqm)

Elevation: 70-100mts above sea level

Price Range: P2.8-P9M

Earnings: Joined with our rental management, a client can look forward to P20,000-P180,000 a month earnings*

*this is based upon 1,3 and 6 months of use by paying guest per year or 7%, 25% and 50% occupancy

Condos are the best first investment in Camaya Coast. And among those choices, I would

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always recommend the smaller studio or 1bedroom units, as they are the easiest to rent, maintain and sell. Also, if you pay 40% down payment or more, you receive a VAT-free unit, which means, aside from the very high initial discount(P330,000 and up), you also get your unit VAT-free, which is an additional 12% discount.

Condos will also be finished the soonest, and I believe will earn the fastest, as Camaya Coast still lacks Hotel unit numbers (we have just one bed and breakfast hotel now-which is fully booked for 1 year) Clients who buy Condos will enjoy the closest-to- beach property for sale in Camaya Coast.

And they will also have the best views available, as all condos have a commanding view of the sea and mountain.

At the end of the day, I believe these are the best first choice, because it fits all categories:

  • We can use it for vacation, live in it, rent it out or make it into a hotel unit.
  • It is highly sale-able and can be made into a time share.
  • With it’s basic price of P2.8-P2.9M for a 57-70.50sqm unit, it makes it the most affordable developed beach condo in the Philippines.

We have about 20 studio and 1bedroom units left, so if you are interested in these smaller units, YOU MUST REALLY LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY, as we are finishing them all of this year.


Sizes: 1bedroom, 2bedroom, 3bedroom and high-end (138sqm-500sqm)

Elevation: 70 meters above sea level

Price Range: P4.8-P22M

Earnings: These will have a lower occupancy rate, but can be rented out for higher amounts to big families and groups wanting to have their own, big place in Camaya Coast to rent. Studies have not yet really been done on these units, but in our opinion, these can also bring in big amounts of money per year.

I usually do not recommend Villas to any of our pinoy clients. Why? They are simply too much money to put into just one investment.

These, of course, are the most beautiful units you can buy in Camaya Coast. They are the most prestigious and are often owned by actors, politicians and wealthy individuals. But even if you have the money, I would still recommend against buying them, and would prefer to buy more smaller units, get the VAT-free price, and be able to sell, rent and live in multiple spots.

Now, these units are great, however, for foreigners wanting to buy in the Philippines, as they will be able to OWN a piece of land in the Philippine without being pinoy themselves. But as for our pinoy clients go, it will be better for you to buy a lot and just build a house. Much cheaper, much more versatility.

My Advice…

It all begins with the Studio or 1bedroom Condo unit. If we can afford to get this unit, we are in a very good spot.

If you have a larger budget and want more, my next advice would be for you to buy a lot. Why? Because the earnings of the Condo can actually be the one to pay for your personal beach home, or you can sell it later for a very good profit.

NOT TO MENTION, you get a reward discount, because you bought another property (P84,000 discount or 3%) If you do not have the budget for a Condo unit (because you bought a Makati Antel unit) then I recommend simply getting a LOT. If you have a Makati unit, then the earnings there will be able to pay for the monthly of the Lot. If you want a 2bedroom Condo unit, I still recommend getting a studio and lot combination which is the same price as a two bedroom unit and does not have VAT.

Best Investments

180-193sqm lots in Phase 1,2,3(1.2M-1.4M) and the Studio Condos in Beach.Villa and Cliffside Phase(2.8M-3.0M) remember, if we pay a downpayment, your discounts range from (P52,000-P600,000 per property!)

Not to mention the rewards discount pa!

2. Pick a Payment Plan

Unlike Antel Lifestyle units, Camaya Coast has a very simple payment scheme and plan which eliminates the worry of turn-over balance. Since they have the lowest in-house financing (7% per annum 1-10 years) in the Philippines, it makes it very simple for you to calculate what is best for you as they guarantee approval to all camaya coast buyers.

My recommendations are simple when it comes to payment plans:

1. Always put a down payment, if you have the money. The discounts are so great in Camaya Coast, that it is a shame if you won’t avail of it.

2. Put a 40% down payment on Condos, because you get an additional VAT-free incentive. Remember, all units above 2.5M in the Philippines should pay a 12% VAT. this is the normal for all developers and properties. But since our discounts are so good, paying a 40% down payment makes the studio and 1bedroom condo units LESS THAN 2.5M. which is a huge discount!

3. Pay cash for lots IF you plan on selling them within the next year or so. Because LOTs receive 38% discount when you pay cash, this makes for a very lucrative buy-sell proposition. Many clients bought two lots, one to sell, and one to keep. The one they plan on selling is paid in cash, and the one the plan to keep is paid with a very low down payment of 10% payable over 10 years.

4. If our budgets are so tight right now, do not worry, get the lowest and longest payment plan first, and then just upgrade it later. Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade payment plans in Camya Coast, which makes it great for changing budgets

3. Prepare Needed documents

Here is the list of documents we need for Camaya Coast:

1. Signed Reservation Agreement

2. Signed Buyers Information Sheet

3. Passport Copy

4. Additional government ID Copy

5. Copy of Birth Certificate

6. Copy of Marriage Contract (if married)

7. Copy of Employment Certificate (for in-house loan)

8. 4 1X1 ID pictures for Owner Card in Camaya Coast (this can follow at a later time)


All these can be sent via email, except for the signed Reservation Agreement and Buyers information sheet which must be given to us before we leave.

As always, our WVYoung Callcenter in the Philippines and Camaya Coast’s international staff will be helping us in all your admin and accounting concerns.

In this webpage are some pictures, documents and sample payment plans for all condo types and lots. Feel free to browse through them and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you again and talking in more personal detail regarding Camaya Coast.

Camaya Coast is 90% Sold

Don’t wait too long though, Camaya Coast is now going at 90% sold, which was done all in less than 18 months.

In short, many people are really excited about this, and we are already averaging 700 people a day during the non-rainy season months (November-May)

As of now, we have 20 small condo units (studio and 1bedroom) left and few small lots left(180-200sqm). First to pay reservation gets initial pick, but let us first have our second meeting and talk some more. We will be awaiting your reply, as we are now setting up our second meeting schedule. Until then, take care and God bless.

Timothy Francis Young
WV Young – Head of Foreign Operations
+974 66436879