Freedom to CHOOSE

Freedom to Choose (Part 1)

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

-Proverbs 13:12

Imagine what our life would look like if we followed our childhood dreams?

When was the last time we thought about our dream jobs-the dreams we had when we were younger and felt free to dream,

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and dream big. Wasn’t it fun and exciting imagining yourself as a firemen, doctor, actor, traveler, scientist? How would our life be like if we were to live-out our childhood dreams? There was not much talk then about how much money would be made, but only on how much fun and excitement it would bring to our heart to work at such an occupation.

Sadly, as we get older, the importance of passion, joy and heart in our job becomes a distant second to how much money we can make. Our attention first goes to the higher bidder, and not to the higher calling of our heart and dreams. “Mamaya na yan” is what most of the people I meet would say. “Kita muna, bago pangarap” And its an easy trap to fall in-the trap of postponing your dreams and heart’s desire for later. More money, more expenses. More expenses, Less free time. And so the cycle continues for years, decades and maybe til the end of one’s life.

We have traveled all over the world meeting our fellow countrymen. We have met them in meetings, seminars and personal appointments. And in over 10 years, hardly anyone has said yes to this question: “Kabayan, are you living your heartfelt dreams and desires now?” “Kabayan, do you work because you like it, or because you have to? There is a big difference in wanting to do something, and HAVING to do something?

In our life we have to work. And

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because life is hard, many of us will be forced to work jobs we don’t like to make the money we (and our families) need. But the important question to ask is: “What are we doing today to get closer to our dreams and heartfelt desires?” Never say or think that you can no longer make it to your dreams. There is still time.

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As long as we are breathing, and as long as the Lord, God allows us to go on, He is forever longing for us to make it to our dreams…those big

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dreams that we believe He placed in our hearts a long time ago. Those big dreams that only YOU can accomplish…yes, only YOU can accomplish. Let us start today to make those big dreams into daily goals. Goals that will allow us to take baby steps each day to get closer and closer to our dreams! You have the freedom to choose!

“Man fully alive, is God glorified” –Saint Irenaeus