Camaya Coast Developments (Part 5)

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Part 5 is Phase 5…

Yes, you saw that right!

What you see behind Tim are rolling hills… At 230 meters above sea level.

What does this mean to you?

Simply this: Cool weather up high in the mountains with a magnificent view of the beach.

Just imagine relaxing at

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Camaya Coast…

Amazing! Or should we call…


If you missed our last episodes, you can watch them here:

In our next episode, please stay tuned for the video we’re sure you’ve been waiting for… The Beach-Side Condos!

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Camaya Coast Developments (Part 4)

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A clubhouse right in front of your house?

Wide roads?

Affordable lot?

Or all three?

Follow Tim as he tours you around Phase 3 (Menara Point) at Camaya Coast.

Camaya Coast Developments (Part 3)

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In this episode, Tim talks about the construction that’s on-going near the beach.

He will also walk you through the different amenities that you can use sometime in the near future.

As you can see, Camaya

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Coast is not just about the beach. It’s a place where you can enjoy by doing outdoor activities.

Imagine this three years from now…

Hiking, biking, running in the 20

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hectare sports village near your property…

Or buying fresh fish at the seafood market for tonight’s college reunion which you will be hosting…

Or doing quiet time in Camaya’s Meditation Point?

Well, Tim can explain better in this walk-through.

Just don’t forget to share this in Facebook and write your comments below.

Camaya Coast Developments (Part 2)

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Tim Young speaks firsthand about the experience in Camaya Coast.

The breeze… The sky… And the breath-taking scene that you will definetely love to be in.

He also talks about the hotel facade and the other structures to be constructed.

Watch the video and comment away with your insights below.

Camaya Coast Developments (Part 1)

Feel the breeze run through your hair while watching the clouds float around…

Drinking your coffee at 4:00 in the afternoon right in front of the sea…

This is the life that you deserve after working so hard in a foreign land.

Catch a glimpse of this life today. Watch the series of videos we have taken just for you on Camaya Coast last November 2010.

Would you want that magnificent, relaxing moment right away? Write your answers on the comment box below.

You might want to finish the whole

Camaya Coast series by watching these videos:

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Information for Camaya Project

Greetings to All!

Camaya Coast ranks as our second most sought after investment. When you look at the pictures, it is very easy to see why, as many Pinoys and foreigners have dreamed of owning their very own beach property.

We truly believe this is the best beach investment in the Philippines.

When it comes to over-all beauty, price, accessibility, amenities, quality, security and marketing power to the masses-Camaya Coast ranks number 1 in our minds. It is not easy to find a private, white sand beach connected to a beautiful mountain. And to find it this affordable is such a joy for us to not only be a part of, but also share to all our clients. This property will definitely be enjoyed whether it is to visit, live in or earn from.

[cincopa A8MAYWabhLbt]

Three Options to Choose From

When it

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comes to buying a property in Camaya Coast, you have three main options:

1. Lot

2. Condo (beach villa condo OR cliffside Condo)

3. Beach Villas

All three are great choices, and it is often the idea of many of our clients to buy all three types, because they are all so beautiful. But throughout this email, you will be able to create the right mind when it comes to investing here in Camaya Coast. I will be sure to input our ideas and advice, here and there, but at the end of it all, it will be your decision on what you want and what you can afford.

You Can Own Camaya Coast Properties in 3 Simple Steps

1. Pick a unit type


Sizes: 180sqm-2000sqm

Elevation: 70-360mts above sea level

Price range: P1.4M-P16M

Earnings: income can be generated only by selling at a profit or building and renting

Lots are generally bought by clients who want the following:

  • Plans to eventually live for periods of time in Camaya Coast, and will build their house.
  • Plans to use it simply for Vacation and not to earn from it on a monthly basis.
  • Plans to sell it, since LOTS get the largest instant discounts(up to 38% instant discount)

We have purchased LOTS for all these reasons, as we can see ourselves living there at periods a time (maybe a few weeks to a month), building our beach vacation home, and also selling our extra lots when the prices sky rocket. Most of our clients who have purchased a Lot got it also for budget reasons and/or as an addition to their other WVYoung investments.


[cincopa AULAfU6Th3rs]

Sizes: Studio, 1bedroom, 2bedroom and 3bedroom (70.50sqm – 136sqm)

Elevation: 70-100mts above sea level

Price Range: P2.8-P9M

Earnings: Joined with our rental management, a client can look forward to P20,000-P180,000 a month earnings*

*this is based upon 1,3 and 6 months of use by paying guest per year or 7%, 25% and 50% occupancy

Condos are the best first investment in Camaya Coast. And among those choices, I would

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always recommend the smaller studio or 1bedroom units, as they are the easiest to rent, maintain and sell. Also, if you pay 40% down payment or more, you receive a VAT-free unit, which means, aside from the very high initial discount(P330,000 and up), you also get your unit VAT-free, which is an additional 12% discount.

Condos will also be finished the soonest, and I believe will earn the fastest, as Camaya Coast still lacks Hotel unit numbers (we have just one bed and breakfast hotel now-which is fully booked for 1 year) Clients who buy Condos will enjoy the closest-to- beach property for sale in Camaya Coast.

And they will also have the best views available, as all condos have a commanding view of the sea and mountain.

At the end of the day, I believe these are the best first choice, because it fits all categories:

  • We can use it for vacation, live in it, rent it out or make it into a hotel unit.
  • It is highly sale-able and can be made into a time share.
  • With it’s basic price of P2.8-P2.9M for a 57-70.50sqm unit, it makes it the most affordable developed beach condo in the Philippines.

We have about 20 studio and 1bedroom units left, so if you are interested in these smaller units, YOU MUST REALLY LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY, as we are finishing them all of this year.


Sizes: 1bedroom, 2bedroom, 3bedroom and high-end (138sqm-500sqm)

Elevation: 70 meters above sea level

Price Range: P4.8-P22M

Earnings: These will have a lower occupancy rate, but can be rented out for higher amounts to big families and groups wanting to have their own, big place in Camaya Coast to rent. Studies have not yet really been done on these units, but in our opinion, these can also bring in big amounts of money per year.

I usually do not recommend Villas to any of our pinoy clients. Why? They are simply too much money to put into just one investment.

These, of course, are the most beautiful units you can buy in Camaya Coast. They are the most prestigious and are often owned by actors, politicians and wealthy individuals. But even if you have the money, I would still recommend against buying them, and would prefer to buy more smaller units, get the VAT-free price, and be able to sell, rent and live in multiple spots.

Now, these units are great, however, for foreigners wanting to buy in the Philippines, as they will be able to OWN a piece of land in the Philippine without being pinoy themselves. But as for our pinoy clients go, it will be better for you to buy a lot and just build a house. Much cheaper, much more versatility.

My Advice…

It all begins with the Studio or 1bedroom Condo unit. If we can afford to get this unit, we are in a very good spot.

If you have a larger budget and want more, my next advice would be for you to buy a lot. Why? Because the earnings of the Condo can actually be the one to pay for your personal beach home, or you can sell it later for a very good profit.

NOT TO MENTION, you get a reward discount, because you bought another property (P84,000 discount or 3%) If you do not have the budget for a Condo unit (because you bought a Makati Antel unit) then I recommend simply getting a LOT. If you have a Makati unit, then the earnings there will be able to pay for the monthly of the Lot. If you want a 2bedroom Condo unit, I still recommend getting a studio and lot combination which is the same price as a two bedroom unit and does not have VAT.

Best Investments

180-193sqm lots in Phase 1,2,3(1.2M-1.4M) and the Studio Condos in Beach.Villa and Cliffside Phase(2.8M-3.0M) remember, if we pay a downpayment, your discounts range from (P52,000-P600,000 per property!)

Not to mention the rewards discount pa!

2. Pick a Payment Plan

Unlike Antel Lifestyle units, Camaya Coast has a very simple payment scheme and plan which eliminates the worry of turn-over balance. Since they have the lowest in-house financing (7% per annum 1-10 years) in the Philippines, it makes it very simple for you to calculate what is best for you as they guarantee approval to all camaya coast buyers.

My recommendations are simple when it comes to payment plans:

1. Always put a down payment, if you have the money. The discounts are so great in Camaya Coast, that it is a shame if you won’t avail of it.

2. Put a 40% down payment on Condos, because you get an additional VAT-free incentive. Remember, all units above 2.5M in the Philippines should pay a 12% VAT. this is the normal for all developers and properties. But since our discounts are so good, paying a 40% down payment makes the studio and 1bedroom condo units LESS THAN 2.5M. which is a huge discount!

3. Pay cash for lots IF you plan on selling them within the next year or so. Because LOTs receive 38% discount when you pay cash, this makes for a very lucrative buy-sell proposition. Many clients bought two lots, one to sell, and one to keep. The one they plan on selling is paid in cash, and the one the plan to keep is paid with a very low down payment of 10% payable over 10 years.

4. If our budgets are so tight right now, do not worry, get the lowest and longest payment plan first, and then just upgrade it later. Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade payment plans in Camya Coast, which makes it great for changing budgets

3. Prepare Needed documents

Here is the list of documents we need for Camaya Coast:

1. Signed Reservation Agreement

2. Signed Buyers Information Sheet

3. Passport Copy

4. Additional government ID Copy

5. Copy of Birth Certificate

6. Copy of Marriage Contract (if married)

7. Copy of Employment Certificate (for in-house loan)

8. 4 1X1 ID pictures for Owner Card in Camaya Coast (this can follow at a later time)


All these can be sent via email, except for the signed Reservation Agreement and Buyers information sheet which must be given to us before we leave.

As always, our WVYoung Callcenter in the Philippines and Camaya Coast’s international staff will be helping us in all your admin and accounting concerns.

In this webpage are some pictures, documents and sample payment plans for all condo types and lots. Feel free to browse through them and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you again and talking in more personal detail regarding Camaya Coast.

Camaya Coast is 90% Sold

Don’t wait too long though, Camaya Coast is now going at 90% sold, which was done all in less than 18 months.

In short, many people are really excited about this, and we are already averaging 700 people a day during the non-rainy season months (November-May)

As of now, we have 20 small condo units (studio and 1bedroom) left and few small lots left(180-200sqm). First to pay reservation gets initial pick, but let us first have our second meeting and talk some more. We will be awaiting your reply, as we are now setting up our second meeting schedule. Until then, take care and God bless.

Timothy Francis Young
WV Young – Head of Foreign Operations
+974 66436879

Qatar Road Tour 2010

WV Young & Antel Qatar Road Tour

Together with Antel, WV

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Young is having a Road Tour to promote Income Generating Properties. This November and December, we will be in Doha, Qatar for 4 weeks. We believe that the ideas we have shared with you are ideas that everyone needs to hear. This road tour is a great opportunity to invite your friends and officemates and give them the chance to take the first steps to financial freedom. Please take a few moments to fill out this form so that we can reserve a seat for you and your guests and so that we can keep you updated on the event. See you soon!

Your Given Name*

Your Surname*

Your Email*

Your Phone*

Will you be attending the WV Young - Antel Road Tour this December?*
 I will be there! I will try.

Please select the meeting date you and your guests will be joining.
 Thursday, December 9, 2010 - 5:30 pm Friday, December 10, 2010 - 5:30 pm Saturday, December 11, 2010 - 5:30 pm

How many friends or family would you be bringing that would benefit from this meeting?
Seating may be limited, so please let us know how many people you plan to bring.

When is the best time to call you?*
 Morning (0800 - 1200) Lunch (1200 - 1300) Afternoon (1300 - 1700) Evening (1700 onwards)

Welcome to

October 2010

Dear Valued Clients and Visitors,

Welcome to our newly redesigned website! It has

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been a desire of WVYoung to not only have a website, but have one that would connect us better to our clients and allow us to better service their needs.

Please take a quick look around and bare with us during the beta testing of our site. In the coming

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weeks we will be adding more and more content and tools for both WVYoung Clients and visitors.

We look forward to personally hearing from you, and if there is any way we can better service you, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are

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proud to assist

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you in getting the “Freedom to Choose, Freedom to Rest.”

Godbless you,

William V. Young

Money Begets Money

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”
– Matthew 7:7

The secret to financial success lies strongly on

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the giving.

“Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down,shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Luke 6:38)

Money begets money. If we want money we will have to give money, that is how it works in investment. Money will not bear fruit or multiply if it is just buried under your bed or saved in an account that will be eaten up by inflation. Then the only remaining question to ask would be to whom or with whom will i give my money? This is where the services of a professional planner becomes indispensable. We can not just ask the average Joe for his opinion. Opinion is probably the cheapest commodity in the world. We need the advice and counsel of the upright, those who put biblical principles first and above all, this is if we want blessings of the Lord to be upon us.

A simple measure is in our practice of giving. Are we a giver? Do we give money regularly to our church, to charity? Do we pay the right taxes? Do we pay ourselves also? These are mandated prerequisites to becoming an investor. Remember, the promise of abundance will only be for the compassionate and cheerful giver. We are His vessel and He wants to channel His blessings through us. We are also His financial stewards.

This is the only commandment in the Bible that promises great reward to those who heed. “Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty,” and see if I will not open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessings that you will not have room

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enough for it. (Malachi 3:9a) This is also a timely advice as we have seen so many of our compatriots languishing in their finances, “Utang dito, utang duon, Diyos ko, Kailan matatapos ito!”

If we have been giving from the goodness of our hearts, we have every right to ask the Lord, by faith, for His blessings. If we do not doubt it for one minute, our God will pour blessings upon blessings on us that we would not know what to do with it!

The one amazing promise about heeding Biblical financial principles is that you will never go wrong, even the specific investment idea will be placed on your lap. Isn’t that great? God’s agenda is all about blessing His children with material things that He knows we also need.

The next time you ask for the right investment idea, let us ask ourselves this question first: Are we a compassionate and cheerful giver?

Feed a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach the man how to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.

Now, lets talk about the second “K” in our KKK principle.

What would

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you say if you were to stumble on a wellness product that is so revolutionary that it will change you upside down? Would you go out and tell everyone or would you keep it a secret? Here lies the power and opportunity to our second stream of income! You only need to share it, not sell it, why so? The power to influence people to your way of thinking lies on the truth on how the product affected you.

Now, what would you say if your “sharing of the truth” exponentially catches fire and you were to be rewarded by the manufacturer of the product for every person who are now enjoying the same benefits? Let us say that the reward will pay you in excess of P500,000. a month for an indefinite period? I am sure that this is something that you would like to know about immediately, right? Let me give try and show you how this exponential growth works. Think of it this way. If for example, the owner of a very famous food chain gave you a deal and tells you that for every person that you referred who buys their food, including all their referrals all the way down to the 12th generation, are to be paid a fixed royalty amount, can you just imagine how much those royalty amount would add up to in time? That is similar to how musicians or inventors are paid perpetual royalty for their creation that they only did one time.

Very few people will ever know about this type of business we call “leveraging” all because they just don’t know where and how to look for it. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki co-wrote a book for those who are seeking to be millionaires to consider the wealth that could be found in Network Marketing. Now, I know what you would say, “If it’s Multi level Marketing, forget it! I have been burned so may times, I won’t do it again!” And this is where you are going to permanently lose, when you don’t stand up to seek and find again!

A famous quotation says that the only difference between a loser and a winner, is that the winner is able to stand up after a failure, and try again.

Consider this for a moment. Here is a 20-year old debt-free Manufacturing company out of Kansas, Missouri who has been producing wellness products that are in global demand, earning a $50 billion operation with distribution reaching out to some 87 countries worlwide and has now launched under their new network marketing subsidiary a revolutionary health supplement that in three years, we believe will be the number one health power drink of the world! It is like this, you

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have the opportunity of a life time to be the very first in this country to join and be right on top. If you understand network marketing, you know that being the first has its amazing benefits especially when the marketing plan is not binary but forced matrix!

Here is how you become one of the very first in this country and obviously, on top of many thousands, even millions who will be under you. 1. Order any one $69.95 health product and; 2. schedule an orientation with the person who invited you; and 3. Begin your journey toward success, and bringing wealth to others!

Someone said: “The opportunity of a lifetime must be taken during the lifetime of the opportunity.”

Are you willing to take that opportunity and work towards your second K, or will you just sit by and let that opportunity pass by due to fear?