Timothy Francis Ilagan Young – Head of Foreign Operations

His first taste of the financial world came at age 5 where he had a home-based restaurant business that sold food from the family fridge back to the family!  (His rationale to his family was that he was charging them for the service of cooking and delivering the food to them.) From then on, Tim knew that business, investment and the financial world is where he would build his reputation and service to society.  At age 7, he created a small business of selling back lost golf balls to passing golfers.  And from Age 15 all the way now to age 28, he has experienced several businesses and financial careers.  A financial Planner by trade, Tim brings to the table 10 years of servicing Filipinos all over the world.  Being the first official FOSO representative to Europe by WVYoung, he was able to truly learn the life and culture of Pinoys working abroad.�� Mixing all the knowledge he learned from his two parents and many other mentors in the Financial world, he brings a mix of knowledge from insurance, investment, business and financial planning to all the clients and countrymen he meets.  Now the Head of Foreign operations, Tim spends his time meeting our partners and clients in each of the 16 countries.  Tim’s dream is to see Filipinos coming home and staying home, so as to truly enjoy and see how beautiful the Philippines is!  And through proper planning and discipline, each client may become successful and then become a channel of blessing to so many people, so that we may see our great country rise and become the great nation we all hope for it to be.

Good things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle” – Abraham Lincoln

Email: timyoung@wvyoung.com