WVYoung & Associates, Inc. was incorporated in the Philippines in 1992 as a Financial and Marketing Consultancy group. In 1998, The Company branched out to servicing the migrant Filipino workers in Europe by establishing a Foreign Outreach Servicing Operation (FOSO) where it extended its financial services to insuring the lives of our wage earners and providing hospital and medical coverage for their families in the Philippines.

In 2005, The Company expanded their services to include Income Generating Property Assets or IGPA. In 2007, WVYoung & Associates, Inc. was re-registered with the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) as WVYoung Wealth & Wellness Planners to encompass a more complete approach.

Presently, WVYoung Wealth & Wellness Planners personally services clients in 16 countries throughout Europe, North America,��Middle East������and Asia.  Aside from its personal clientele, the Company is also active in sharing its ideas and services through group seminars and meetings throughout the world.